Hotel vs Serviced Accommodation

There's lots of reasons why people pick hotels over B&Bs, AirBnBs and serviced accommodation, but here's our top 10 reasons why serviced apartments win over hotels and B&Bs every time:

1) Home from home

A lot of serviced accommodation providers work hard to make their spaces as pleasant and homely as possible. They go the extra mile to make sure all the equipment and kitchen items are good quality and don't look like your run of the mill hotel. Comfy sofas, quality curtains and blinds and cosy bedding all add to the appeal, so you feel right a home from the moment you step through the door. Some can even organise a grocery shop for you to be delivered on your arrival.

Others also provide welcome packs - things like toilet roll, tea, coffee, milk, washing up liquid, a washing machine pod and where there is a dishwasher, a dishwasher tablet. Now that's service.

2) Value for money

A cost effective alternative to a B&B or hotel is often one of the top reasons people choose serviced accommodation. You get so much more included in your stay and there's no nasty hidden surprises. Plus, there's the guest relations team and concierge service available to help make your stay even better. All included in the price.

3) Fully equipped kitchen

There's nothing worse than tiny cups or not enough plates, glasses or cutlery. We make sure that plenty are available for you to use, so you are fully equipped especially if visitors come round. We also make sure our appliances and utensils are top quality so you can chef it up in the kitchen when you want to make yourself a proper meal and don't want to face another take away.

4) Space to work, relax and entertain

You just get more space with serviced accommodation. Not just one room that has to act as your bedroom, sitting room and kitchenette. You get the luxury of space to be able to unpack properly, spread out and settle in, and with room for the whole family if you need it.

5) Amenities

Served accommodation like ours often comes with lots of other things like parking (often free), great Wi-Fi, TV, and modern fittings and furnishings. many often have a concierge service too, so if something you want isn't on the list, they can try and get it for you. For example, if you're doing a Chinese night, we could find you chopsticks, rice steamers and fortune cookies.

6) Business-strength internet

What more is there to say. Having reliable internet these days is a must. Any serviced accommodation provider worth their salt will have lightning fast internet and a robust connection. It's worth checking at point of booking though. No one likes Wi-Fi drop-out - especially if the whole family are using it at once.

7) Private

Whether people are staying for one night or many, or for work or pleasure, relaxing in your own private space is bliss. If your days take you out and about having a home from home to get back to is just the cherry on the cake - which you can even make in the kitchen if you wish.

8) Flexible terms

If you're working while you stay at a serviced apartment and work gets extended, so can your rental term. Having a suite of apartments means the provider can flex with you and will rarely have to ask you to move. Hotels may not be as flexible.

9) Everyone together

Rather than booking multiple rooms in hotel and on separate floors, having a 2, 3 or even 4 bedroom apartment means the family can stay together. Everyone can still have their own space but you can enjoy the often amply furnished seating and dining areas when you all want to get together.

10) Location, location, location

We all know location is essential. Serviced apartment providers are often able to give you the choice of city centre or if preferred the outskirts of town depending on your preference. Whilst still all being close to amenities, attractions and transport links.

And that's our top 10 reasons.

We're sure we can think of even more. Not least that you don't have to do the cleaning or strip the beds. Not to mention that staying in spacious serviced apartments makes it a lot easier to follow the rules around bubbles, isolating and social distancing at the moment. 

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Clare Fuller

Owner and Founder, Hamilton Grace Apartments

Helping people feel at home in Hamilton Grace's apartments is Clare's number one mission. She says she loves the interior design aspect of her business, but customer service is really what's at its heart. Happy customers just make her happy she say.

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