What would Santa need from serviced accommodation?

Serviced apartments to the rescue

A self-catering serviced apartment would be perfect for Santa - no long-term commitments and all the facilities he needs, yes? He could even bring Mrs Clause and the elves.

Plus, he could park the sleigh out back (and the reindeers by prior arrangement we’re sure) which is often included with the accommodation (parking, not reindeers).

So, let’s break it down – what would he need:

1) Storage space – ‘check’

With all the presents that he needs to deliver he’ll need lots of space to store them. And safely. A hotel room just wouldn’t cut it, but a one, two or even three-bed apartment would give him all the room he needs. Not to mention the concierge service that lots of serviced accommodation providers offer... If he runs out of wrapping paper or bows, he could just give them a ring and they’d source it for him.

2) Free parking for the sleigh – ‘check’

Now we know a sleigh isn’t your averaged sized vehicle and parking can be a problem. Especially in those fandangle multi-story car parks with awkward ramps. But, a decent sized, outdoor, single-level car park, with no height restrictions, would be just the ticket. Off road and close to the digs, so perfect to be able to keep an eye on things.

3) Location – ‘check’

Being as close to as many homes as possible would also be a plus – he’d be able to get to them all faster than out of town digs (not that we don’t know how fast Santa is already). So, a city location would be of benefit. Or maybe just on the outskirts so he can quickly get to those countryside deliveries too.

4) Fully equipped kitchen – ‘check’

Mrs Clause would certainly appreciate somewhere to prepare a big Christmas dinner and some mulled wine. All Mr Clause’s favourites. And, if she was feeling homesick, most serviced accommodation providers would be able to source a waffle pan or a fondue set just for their stay. Not to mention being able to put up a tree and some fairy lights.

5) Chill out zone – ‘check’

After the big night, if he needed to relax before heading back to the North Pole it’s covered. A self-catering apartment would mean he could kick off his boots and relax after rushing around all night on Christmas eve. Also, with the super-fast business strength Wi-Fi and bang up-to-date TV sets, Mr and Mrs Clause could watch all their favourite TV shows and Christmas films. After all – they are the stars of many of them. They could even have the elves around for charades.

6) A good day’s sleep – ‘check’

Santa works all through the night on Christmas Eve, so a long night for him. What he needs when he gets back is a good day in bed... A king-sized comfy bed, snuggly duvet and thick cosy curtains are the order of the day. And all provided all fresh and clean without question with serviced accommodation.

And finally, we’re sure there’s more things Santa would appreciate from staying in serviced accommodation, but these are the things we think he’d like the most. If you’ve ever stayed in a serviced apartment over Christmas or for any other holiday, what did you like best about it? We’d love to hear all your stories over on social media.

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Clare Fuller

Owner and Founder, Hamilton Grace Apartments

No one loves Christmas more than us and we're here to help Santa if he ever needs some serviced accommodation in our area. Of course we love helping anyone looking for a self-catering apartment, not just the big man himself.

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