Why accommodation with parking is worth its weight in gold...

Trying to accommodate a whole fleet of workers, contractors, or a team with multiple vehicles is tricky. A block of serviced apartments with dedicated and onsite parking is the answer.

But what are the pitfalls, and what are the questions you should ask before booking?

Tips on picking accommodation with parking:

We know that if you need to put big teams of contractors or a mobile workforce into accommodation, finding properties with multiple parking spaces can be a challenge. Whatever you’re looking for in serviced accommodation for key workers, be sure to ask the following before you book:

1. Onsite?: If a provider says they have parking available, check if it’s onsite or not. Also check if they say it’s ‘nearby’, how nearby. If it’s more than a 5-minute walk away, then maybe not so convenient after all. Whether your accommodation is in the city centre or on the outskirts of town – make sure you know exactly where the parking that they are offering actually is.

2. Free?: If your provider offers you parking, and free, check it’s not just limited to one space. Sometimes additional spaces are charged extra. Also check if the free’ parking they are talking about isn’t just normal free on-street parking. Being in a proper car park on or near your accommodation s better and some service providers have relationships with public car parks and can get discounts or even free passes. In other words, ask if your service provider can offer multiple parking spaces for group bookings at no extra cost. Like we do.

3. Premium price?: If your accommodation is not on offer for free and your digs are in a city centre parking may be a premium and reflected in your rent. You could do better making your own parking arrangements, unless having the hassle of finding your own taken away is worth it.

4. One space or many?: If you have a big team, and they all have a vehicle, let’s say 30-40 people with all with cars or vans – finding accommodation that can park all those vehicles will be tricky. Always discuss with your provider how many spaces they can offer and what the security arrangements are. Don't forget to check if high vehicles can also be accommodated (some indoor or undercover parking may have restrictions).

5. Vicinity vs cost?: Choosing accommodation with paid parking may still be a better than an out of town accommodation with free ample parking. Especially if it’s close to amenities and public transport. In other words, always weigh-up the pros and cons.

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Clare Fuller

MD at Hamilton Grace

We all know parking is a blessing when you have to travel around by car or any other type of vehicle for work or pleasure. We try our hardest to accommodate anyone who needs parking and our guests are always happy when we can find them something.

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